Signature strip - ball point doesnt like it

Just got my CA account, its a minor thing but every pen I have tried to use has struggled to write on the signature strip.
I notice the strip feels quite a bit different over my main back account card and it seems like the pens struggle to grip on the strip on the back.
Just some minor feedback.


A fine-tipped permanent marker pen works for me.

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Yeah I will try that, I just remember the days when banks told you to always use a ball point pen to sign strips.

In those days the only alternative was a pencil :rofl:

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I used a sharpie …

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haha, Sharpie… thats subtle! :slight_smile:

No, we had Quink back in the day…


A good ol’ fashioned Bic Biro!

I have old CD marker, it also works perfectly. :wink: No one had ever managed to finish one, but I hope that maybe one day and hundreds for cards later… I will manage to kill one.

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People still sign cards? I’m pretty sure I haven’t signed any of my current cards and haven’t had a problem…


And there’s me thinking I was the only one that didn’t sign lol😎

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I rarely sign these days :confounded: although we probably should sign them for some sort of security reasoning

Same as every bank card I’ve ever owned then

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Yeah its important if you travel to the USA but they are getting better with PIN now.

A lot of ball point pens have struggled with my cards in the past but normally have eventually written but so far nothing has worked on my CA card. All the felt pens we have are for kids so I may have to buy a fine tipped one.

Write4All over here :-):laughing:

I always end up pressing too hard and ‘carving’ my signature into the strip with a biro!

Some places still check! I had this experience when withdrawing money from my building society recently.

I like the idea of demanding a non-chip-and-PIN transaction with an unsigned card and then just hovering over the slip with a pen but leaving that blank too, in perfect conformity with the card signature strip!

On most bank cards there’s a security feature on the signature strip, so that once you’ve had it a while, it’s very hard to change/add/alter the signature strip.

I’ve noticed that on new Mastercard’s there’s a cheaper inferior signature strip that is hard to sign. Sharpie to the rescue.

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