Sign up for the Making Monzo email in your app

I’m sorry but I just can’t find this in my app at all and I’ve love to sign up. Screenshot_20190221-172638

On the help tab, scroll to the bottom and it’s the making Monzo option



Thank you @Rat_au_van :+1:

I can get that far and… I can see three tabs, coming soon, in the future & finished and I can even work out how to follow topics.

But, how/where do I “sign up to the monthly Making Monzo email in your app”?

I just can’t see that option anywhere at all in the help section of the app? :confused:

I think if you watch any topic you’ll get the email? Not 100% sure as i signed up ages ago

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Aahh I see, that makes sense. I’ll give that a try, thanks again :grin:

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I think clicking the blue “Keep up to date” banner adds you to the mailing list, but the only way to test it is to see if you get the March email.

Pretty sure “watching” a topic sends you a feed item when it’s ready and nothing more at the moment.

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Thank you @awjdean I’m missing the blue banner for some reason, so that would explain it :joy:
@Rat_au_van - I’ve “watched” a few topics so hopefully I’ll get some emails… :thinking:

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