Showing account balance after each transaction

Can there be an update to the app where it displays your account balance with each transaction.

This helps you figure out what you were on before a bunch of transactions without having to do the maths. Should be a fairly simple addition, most other banks do it.

Not sure why you posted in that thread then made this one :man_shrugging:t3:

Considering the app is being redesigned and this hasn’t been added, I’d say the chances of it coming are very slim.

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Maybe because I’m new here and couldn’t find the right thread, so I made one, however then ended up finding it?

Thank you for the latter part of your comment.

You posted in the other one first.

But at least you’re in the right place now. Sadly it’s been a long requested feature but without much demand. Carlo replied in the other thread with some workarounds using trends.