Show us your speed

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #41

I have no idea if it’s my shitty machine or generally shit NHS network that makes it so slow.

(Tommy Long) #42

Network: Three
Location: Aldgate
In/Out: Inside
Phone: Pixel


Network: EE
Location: Shepherds Bush W12
In/Out: In
Phone: Pixel XL


EE at Liverpool Street :sunglasses:

Got a decent deal from the last year on sim only and then they priced match three this year for me

(Allie) #45

Bristol near the University of Bristol. Vodafone. Band 1. No CA (phone doesn’t support it).

(Mark Edmonds) #46

Slightly OT…but my work connection isn’t bad…
Would be higher, but we have a reservation set for our server networking.

(Patrick) #47

Just got 170meg download on Vodafone, in Poole, in Dorset. On a Galaxy S9.

Didn’t even think that was possible in real world terms.

(Nicholas Carter) #48

Do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is works internet connection, home is around a stable 74mbps

(Jack) #49

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(Simmy) #60

Synced at 73 down and 20up here with Fibre. When i had ADSL it was a mere 3 down and 0.5 up

(Nicholas Carter) #61

I think I might be cheating though being in a corporate office building with 300 people…

Home internet is VDSL2 and I get 78Mbps down (Give and take) and 20Mbps upload which is more than enough for Netflix or similar

(Michael) #62

78 down and 20 up with Vodafone. I can’t complain for £25 a month.

I’d get Virgin Media (or other fibre) straight away if it was available

(Jonathon) #63

At home it’s more like 60-80 Mbps

(Simmy) #64

Thats 110 Megabyte per second, which is 1 GB in 10 seconds, which is absolutely insane ! lol

(Jonathon) #65

I have no idea between MB/s and Mbps or anything haha

All I know is if I run this at home it’s like 68 download. At work it’s 878… slightly faster.



Can’t really get much better than this in a residential property…

(Jorge) #67

I genuinely believe that I’d get faster internet in North Korea than at home


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #69

Not bad for peak evening.


(Starling Guru) #70