Show us your homescreen

(Tim) #249

It was a challenge on an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race where the contestants had to take Warhol-esque pictures!!


(Cameron Chalmers) #251


(Simon B) #252

Resurrecting the thread! As you can see my P2XL home screen hasn’t changed much since last time except I’m now using a leaked wallpaper from the Pixel 3 and a new widget :slight_smile:

(Stephen Ward) #253

Here’s my iPhone 8 screen. I need to delete a few apps I don’t really need.


Day to day screen:

Work screen:

(Jack) #255

Not much has changed for me I don’t think besides a super plain background.

First screen:

Second screen:


Mine is the same :see_no_evil: I don’t change it often :thinking:

(Simon B) #257

I’m not too happy with the homescreen on my 6S, but it doesn’t seem worth changing right now when I’ll be upgrading it soon.


Mine’s the same. I used my screenshot in this thread to get the screen layout correct on my new iPhone…


Leaked wallpaper you say…

(Paul) #260

Here’s my first screen.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #261

I don’t think much has changed from last time I posted.

(Ravi) #262

Just one screen.

(Ravi) #263

How do you find Journey?

(Simon B) #264

It’s pretty great, my problem is I fall out of the habit of writing in it, so there’s big gaps. I’ve used it enough over a few years for it to be pretty interesting to scroll back through, though.

(Joshua Dawson) #265

Still in peasant mode without an iPhone X or Xs


You need to try Apollo over the normal reddit app, miles better!

(Phil) #267

Xiaomi RedMi 5 Plus - 5.99" screen 16:9 aspect ratio
Not perfect, but it’s more or less the way I’ve had it for over a year.

One of my favourite things is the image of my fiancée for her contact icon.

(third screen is a few misc apps/folders)


Your lock screen photo is very similar to the view we get from our balcony :smiley:

(Phil) #269

If you live around Pontoon Dock this is very possible.
I wish it was the view I had.