iPhone users post your 2nd screen!

(Beta User) #1

Hey Guys,

We’ve seen your home screen, but can we now see your “dirty” 2nd screen :wink:


(Tim Chambers) #2

Folders are key :joy:

(Beta User) #3

Yeah and alphabetically!

(#savetheseabass) #4

Nothing too exciting. Stuff I haven’t got around to putting into folders on the first screen


I love HQ! Not yet a winner though :frowning:


I don’t have a second screen. All my apps are nearly stored in folders on my first screen :wink:

At least, they will be once I sort out all of the US tv channel apps I downloaded the past few days.

(Jonathon) #7

Not terribly exciting.

(Kenneth Cajigas) #8

Here you are :smile: Its easier for me to put everything on the left as all the folders are reachable with my left hand or I would just do a spotlight search instead as I have around 276 apps installed :joy: most not needed


Here is my second screen. @kennc05 see you in beta with the purple feedback app.


What about non iPhone users.


(#savetheseabass) #11

Wonder if we could start a Monzo HQ group so we can all laugh at each other’s lack of general knowledge. The latest update allows you to link with friends and see what their answers are

(Herp Derp) #12


(Eve) #14

Covered our cringe selfies up :joy: using the Makeovr site I was introduced to in the home screen thread to leave spaces between icons (which you can’t do on iOS)

(Kenneth Cajigas) #15

Yep @gallifreyangirl on iOS 11.4 public beta 6 a solid iOS version :muscle: lots of performance improvements and better battery life now

(Jason Yau) #16

Nothing terribly interesting.

(Ian Lyon) #17

My second screen is all stuff I could probably do without on my phone.

(Jonathon) #18

Darkroom means something completely different to me… haha

(Tim Chambers) #19



It’s terribly boring :confused: mostly stuff I never use or have just downloaded

(Nick Slade) #21

Apps I use most days but only once or twice