Show balance before payment

Other banks show what the accounts balance was before payment was taken. Please could we have this feature in Monzo? I often find that money seems to disappear and it’s a struggle to figure out where it went through all of the transactions and pot transfers

His has already been suggested, have a search and be sure to vote on the topic.

Also keep an eye on the development of Trends if you like to see more data on your spending.

5 year old thread! Don’t get your hopes up.

I think they mean like Chase does it with the confirm payment screen where you accept or decline. It shows you your current balance and let’s you choose the account. I really like it.

Edit - like this:

No quite. More it shows how much has come in/ gone out and it shows you what your new balance is

Ah, then I’ve totally misunderstood!
The link above is right :blush: