Should you use your Monzo card as your main card?


Oh mate, this.

I like Monzo, but I don’t like people that like Monzo.

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I have never noticed this at all and tbh it wouldn’t bother me… also I have never noticed anyone looking at my card nor do I look at other peoples cards so I don’t get how you notice this… :upside_down_face:


I always notice what bank cards people use, but that is because I am interested in banking. Were they wearing a soccer t-shirt I wouldn’t even notice what team it is for, because I dislike soccer. It is a natural phenomenon to have heightened observation of some things and tune out others.


Well said Richard :hugs:

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I guess it’s coz I don’t really care what goes on around me…

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No one ever seems to pay any more attention when I use a Monzo card vs any other. Maybe people in Bristol are just used to them now?


More interested in the bottles of champagne being bought with it
I got quite a look when I bought six bottles recently

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I like it when people notice the colour because it’s a jumping point to talk about what we are doing. Actually I did this before I even worked here :grinning:

The level of passion that both users and staff have is, I would say, my favourite thing about Monzo. Life is nothing without passion. It’s a cultural thing, a shared experience of being part of something new and progressive and exciting, It’s the same concept of people being fans of Google, or Apple, or Spotify. I’m a huge Google fan because I believe in their mission and I love the products they make.

Ultimately we are just one part of a cultural milestone in the same way that Napster changed the music business. I think that’s a huge reason why people are so passionate about what we do. It’s more than just the product, and without trying to be flippant about what other companies do well, if they don’t see things the same way then it doesn’t matter how many features they launch, because the passion that people have for us and vision isn’t always a tangible metric that you can prescribe a value to. It goes a lot deeper than that.

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On several occasions l’ve had traders comment on the colour of my Monzo card and I’ve been able to talk about my M experience. So far (just two months from start) I’m entirely happy, but inevitably much will depend on where M goes from here.


Once CASS is an option I will be switching for sure. I think I’ve stuck upon the ideal solution for my personal needs and that is to use Monzo as my main account with my RBS account as a backup for access to a highstreet presence, it’s get cash feature and also that they issue Visa so I have a backup incase of any Mastercard issues… I use a bill tracking app and waking up each morning to notifications from Monzo will certainly make the start to the day a whole lot simpler without me having to login and look for bills being paid…


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£30 limit only applies when using a physical card contactless, if using Apple Pay etc. there is no limit or a very much higher one. Of course Monzo doesn’t have Apple Pay yet so is a bit academic.


They have Google Pay which also behaves like that. Technically, it’s called CDCVM (cardholder device CVM) which is just another form of CVM (cardholder vérification method) like PIN.

It does however on the terminal being configured to accept it - popular merchants do but many small ones don’t even know what CVM is so I don’t really expect them to have it enabled.

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It depends what other current accounts offer as an alternative. If you can get interest, loyalty points, cash back points, etc from another bank then I think it would financially irresponsible to use Monzo as your main card or account.
Don’t do it just because it’s the cool new thing, especially if it’s costing you money. It is a business after all.

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I agree..unless you’ll end up saving more money by using Monzo :wink:


financially irresponsible to use Monzo as your main card or account

I guess so is going out for drinks or spending on entertainment?

I choose Monzo because I want the better experience, and I’m more than happy to give up any cash back or other bribes.

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Overdraft fees are cheaper than HSBC so I will save money if I use it


I’m more for the beer drinking experience rather than a pinging phone

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