Should we use blurry text spoilers? 🙈

(Tom ) #1

Off topic - but when you see blurred out text on another post, do you click it to reveal it?

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Every time

(Jolin) #3

I find blurred text on this forum extremely irritating. There are no plot spoilers here! Either it’s worth writing something or it’s not.

(I do always click, which is one reason I find it so annoying.)


why do you find blurred text annoying?

(Allie) #5

Are you sure there are no plot spoilers here?

Soylent Green is people!

(Tom ) #6

Same. I’d rather it was disabled completely but not sure if that’s possible.

(Simon B) #7

We do discuss movies and TV shows sometimes, and people may post spoilers.

The spoiler text thing is a plugin, so we can actually disable it (I think).

I guess the problem is really people mis-using it.


But the blur spoiler need not contain text…it can also contain emojis etc




Where they can be used effectively is by people posting moving or flashing GIFs, they can post a warning that the GIF may cause problems for those with photosensitive epilepsy and then hide the GIF so you can chose to reveal it

(Jolin) #11

Yes, but it’s never been used like that on this forum.

It has, however, been misused extensively to make posts more irritating.

I do feel this is a problem, I mentioned it to some other forum users a few months ago. It detracts from the forum, and if hiding text is really needed for movie/TV discussions, couldn’t people use the

hide details

Yes, this can get irritating too!

feature instead? This feature seems to be far less abused than the blur text one.


Though you can integrate the two!

Click here

Blurred text appears here

Click here
Try again
No, really!
Does this ever end?
Hm. He must've been bored...
I'm not giving up now!
Oh, come on....

You didn’t really expect a valuable contribution, now, did you?

(Jack Donovan) #14

Aghhh hahaha ha :joy::joy::joy: I’m in stitches

(Graham - Mental health professional) #15

Genuinely can’t see the point of the blurry thing.

(Jack Donovan) #16

Whilst there isn’t much of a point, I don’t personally see how it’s that annoying… Usually it’s something funny underneath

(Colin Robinson) #17

Always. I’m a nosy sod.


If you don’t like blurry text, just don’t click on it. Human nature is inquisitive


I sometimes click it for certain people who I know may post interesting or funny things in the spoiler tag and not for others. I see no issue in it at all and can’t see why it can be annoying for someone really. You don’t tend to miss anything by not clicking it so don’t bother if you don’t like them.

I hope it isn’t because people have an uncontrollable urge to click things…


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Donald Trump doesn’t use Monzo, does he? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: