Should people vote for feature ideas?

(Jamie) #1

I think it would be great to vote for feature ideas so that they can be ordered in the form of prioity so they can be implemented faster. What do you think?

(Yossi) #2

YES I love the idea of voting for potential feature.

(james_e_bell) #3

This is a good idea but we have to remember that we are not the only input on product priority - ultimately it is the job of the product manager to determine what is the most important problem to solve for their target market. Early adopters are not always the best representation of the overall audience (also there is a difference between voting for a feature and using it).

Personally I am a fan of a split like:

  1. Audience / users define their problems
  2. Product / designers design the solution to the problems

So from this point of view maybe having the audience vote on their most critical problems with banking / personal finance that mondo could look to solve?

(Andrew Ross) #4

Have you seen the open roadmap that was shared today? You can vote on that…