Should Monzo allow a one off share sale like Revolut and Brewdog

Here are articles explaining how Brewdog and Revolut have done this for their share holders plus the polll

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This might help

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  • Monzo should organize a Trading Day, like Brewdog and Revolut have so that long term holders can realize some of the increase in their shareholding
  • Monzo should not organize a trading day.

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50/50 please vote if you have a preference

I’m surprised at the number of “no” votes. What are the reasons for not wanting such a day?

(Personally I haven’t voted because I don’t have any shares, and I’m not looking to buy)

To raise my head above the parapet, I only put my money in last December and signed up for an indeterminate and potentially rather long journey with them

I did not do so with the intention of quickly flipping them for potentially more cash and intend to stay involved to the point when they reach the point for sale naturally

Even for the first investors it is not a huge number of years, but I can see more why they might want to


Putting my investor hat on for a change, it was made clear that it was an illiquid asset that would not be able to be sold until an IPO (or similar). Making them tradable, even for 1 day isn’t what was offered

Also, the last public raise was a lot of fun to watch. Part of that was due to the fact you can’t get them at any other time. By giving opportunities at other times it will reduce demand at the next crowdfunding for absolutely no financial gain to Monzo


I was lucky enough to buy in the first 96 seconds and would like to buy a fancy new car with the money but don’t mind waiting five years and buying a fancy new house instead. I will call it “Monzo Towers” and you can all come and use the swimming pool.


You’re on. Must buy some hot coral swimshorts


I hope that your Monzo towers plan works out, but remember it could also go the other way - look what happened to Metro Bank from £3.5 Billion valuation to £500million in 6 months.

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Link to poll here

I’m 50:50 on the matter. On one hand I’d rather not ‘rock the boat’ during such a key stage of expansion (USA). On the other; i’m sure it would be a lot easier for Monzo to arrange such an activity to proactively avoid managing many queries over many months (get it all out of the way in one go).

Plus when you consider that all previous rounds have been over-subscribed, it may be an opportunity for more customers to buy-in/invest in Monzo (thinking of the USA customers) helping to drive US expansion plans.


Totally agree Monzo could add hundreds of new brand ambassadors who would then help recommend Monzo to their friends

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Seedrs offers this functionality as part of their secondary market. For example you can buy and sell revolut on it every month. Unfortunately it only covers companies who funded via Seedrs.

Still feels like a beta service but looks promising.


Bumping the link to encourage more votes


Please vote before then to ensure your vote is counted

Er…without being rude (I hope), so what?

As an unofficial poll on a public forum it presumably carries little to no priority with Monzo so I’m not sure what you think is going to happen next.

For the record, I’m on the side of thinking there are better things for Monzo to spend our money on than this. The terms of the investment were quite clear so I see no need for them to be changed in this way now.


If the forum allows polls then what’s the issue. As a coral crew member I would have thought you would encourage free debate and polls so that Monzo can see what it’s members are thinking. Your post seems a bit off to me.

149 people have voted so it is obviously a topic of interest to people and if it encourages Monzo to look in to allowing people to exit at some point I think it would be appreciated.

It’s more the bumping I’m questioning

It was mildly interesting when it was posted and then seems to have faded away, as do most threads. What does bringing it back now achieve?

It felt like you had a purpose in mind, if not then fine, if so then I was interested in what it was. As a forum member I would have thought you;d encourage free debate ans people taking an interest in what you were talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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