Keeping bank account after moving country

Basically as the title says. I have had an account when I was a UK resident. I am no longer a UK resident. I would like to continue using the account and get paid into it. Is this possible? Or should I close down my account?


To have a Monzo account you have to be a UK resident.

Whether they will tell you they are closing your account if/when they notice you’re never spending in the UK and always abroad, none of us know.

Use it, leave it open and unused or close it. Completely up to you, for now.


If you tell Monzo you have moved abroad permanently they will close your account.

They may also close your account based on spending patterns etc. So it may be worth at least considering what you’ll do if that happens, although note it would normally be closure with notice (1 month I think normally?), it shouldn’t be something they freeze your account for or anything like that.

If you’re due to return within 12 months they can review this and potentially leave the account open, otherwise may advise to close as noted above.

Barclays offer international accounts for such events, as do other banks.

Worthwhile reviewing your options to prevent a closure by monzo down the line.

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