I tried a new app recently called “Shopmium”. It’s one of those cashback apps but it pays directly into your bank instead of accumulating in a pot on their app.

So I tried it out and I’m pretty impressed when the payments this morning were all correctly branded in monzo (didn’t know it did it for BACS payments in)


Quite happy with it especially when the cashback just appears in my account overnight :slight_smile:

(If you want to use it use 5me5m once you’ve signed up and it’ll give you 100% cashback on a small jar of Nutella and £4 to whoever refers you)


Just signed up so will try it out.

As have I. Thanks @kennydude

Me too! if anyone fancies using my referral code to spread the love just enter xy35k for your free jar! It’s £4 to the referrer for everyone who signs up via this code…

I had a look at this and it looks quite cool but same with topcashback groceries the likes there isn’t anything I’d buy on the lists. Are the products updated often?

Sounds a bit like GreenJinn. I can never be bothered to look up what’s on there, buy exactly the right thing, take a photo of the receipt…all for about a quid. I have enough fun doing my work expenses…

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The products seem to be slightly updated weekly.

I haven’t used it for very long but it seems to aim for more decent products rather than quantity. Other apps I’ve tried are usually very specific or items I’d never buy.

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Just signed up myself see how it goes if anyone else is interested as well here is my code 8bi5f feel free to use it and pass it on.

I’ve signed up as well using the last referral code shared. If anyone wants to use mine please find attached: 5q2yv Free Nutella for you plus £4 referral for me.

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I’ve just signed up using the last code as well. My code is: w3h5g

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My referral code is ia779

Thanks, my code is k9d6k

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