Shared tabs do not work with summaries

I have added a few transactions to a shared tab that I have with my partner and even when they are paid off the summaries are not updated unless I manually tag the incoming transactions.

For example my eating out category this month shows that I have spent £44, although all the transactions were split in half on a shared tab which has been paid off. See screenshots attached.

In this tab I also added some groceries, so when it’s all paid off at once it messes up the summaries because the incoming transaction can only have a single category.

I think when a shared tab is paid off the summaries should update so the categories show correctly.

It’s especially annoying for me because I pay all the bills and do all the shopping etc from my account, so my summaries say I am spending about £3k per month when I an actually spending about half that.

Yup, often hit the groceries budget rapidly due to the shared tab being paid back not being reflected.

Bill splits work though, they half the expenditure in the category summaries