Shared Tab settlement to subtract from many categories

Hi Monzo,

In case when a Shared Tab has transactions tagged with variety of categories (e.g. shopping £50, groceries £30), once shared amount has been settled, the app subtracts only from one category (e.g. shopping -£40). It should instead subtract from all of them (e.g. shopping -£25, groceries -£15).

This way the categories spending summary would be accurate.

You are doing a great job btw!

This has been the only annoying thing I have found in the app so far. When a friend settles a shared tab, it ruins my summary and monthly budgets. It would be great if a settled shared tab is applied to each transaction type, so that the budget is accurate for each.


Has this thread been picked up at all or replicated elsewhere. This is my main gripe with shared tabs at the moment. The transactions that are put into the tab should be categorise-able by each member of the tab individually. (Each person may decide to categorise a transaction differently)