Shared tab issues

Over the festive pieriod I got a payment which cleared a shared tab. I went to check it out and whilst scrolling through the shared tab I accidently deleted 2 historical transactions. They somehow “swiped off” as I was scrolling. You can imagine my anger. Unfortunately there isn’t an undo button and this greatly messed up all the final sums.
I went to support asking them to just undo these 2 transactions back so it balances again. Support does seem lost at what to do as I cannot leave the tab or close it as it has these erroneous wrong costs calculated. It’s been a 5 working day wait now to get a “specialist” to look at this.
Just a warning to you all to be very… “delicate” whilst scrolling through those options as there isn’t an undo option implemented yet!


This has happened to both me and my girlfriend a few times on our shared tab. Really messes things up. Might stop using it.

Have you got any response as to whether they’ll be addressing the issue?

Right now it’s the 5th working day since I raised this issue and they are still waiting for a “specialist” to look into it as it’s a “first time ever” case… :joy:
Will keep this thread posted.

I agree that it’s far too easy to accidentally swipe a transaction and remove it from a shared tab. Some sort of “undo” feature would be very welcome!

In the meantime, if you can remember which transaction you accidentally deleted, you can go back to it and re-add it to the shared tab. It’s not a great workaround, but I have used it to fix this problem.

Yes I’ve managed to do that most of the time fortunately but there have definitely been some transactions that we have no way of finding, and once where my girlfriend (she says) did it without realising. I’ll have to trust her on that one ha.

Still nothing from them unfortunately. I’ll give them till Tuesday and then just re add a lump sum so it’ll let me close the tab.

The solution after coming into the 3rd week of waiting for support is for the other party to add the outstanding amount so you can close it. Not really a solution but this is the best they came up with.

Having this with a current tab. Also I don’t understand why anyone can freely delete transactions added by others. Should there be some type of sign off workflow for adjustments that haven’t originated from you? Could you make a tab ‘owner’ that has to confirm changes to bits committed on the tab?
Also it is a bit odd you can’t review the split you did after the fact. Each transaction just says in total what you owe or are owed but no way to review the total transaction split apart from at the time of adding it which is annoying (unless I have missed something…)