Shared Tabs - Too easy to accidentally delete payments/Bug?

No sure if its just me but since the new shared tabs update, I have found that it’s far to easy to accidentally swipe to dismiss a payment from the tab.

Then once you have dismissed a payment or two your request/owed total makes no scene, see example below.

I created a test tab and added to payments so I’m owed £3.22

The tab is then paid and I am owed £0

But If I then swipe to remove the transactions I added to the tab or they where accidentally removed them (Easily done when scrolling through the tab) I’m now owe £3.32 :man_shrugging:

I get that I owe £3.32 to pay back the payments that have been removed but if you have a lot of stuff on a tab it makes it impossible to keep track of. Is there really need for the option swipe to dismiss a payment, when you already have an edit option in the top right? As if this can accidentally happen it’s going to make keeping track of your payments a lot harder


I have also had a lot of trouble with accidentally deleting entries on the shared tab when trying to scroll down. Perhaps it could be changed to have a delete option pop up if you swipe, rather than deleting automatically.

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Got same issue. Accidental delete on iOS seems much less likely than on Android. It’s becoming quite annoying and is adding a lot of confusion.

An extra step to confirm the deletion would be great!