Shared Tab - endpoint

Is there an endpoint that we can hit to add items to a shared tab? I’m not seeing anything in the playground in this regard.

do you mean the options of deleting the payment from a shared tab , Leaving the shared tab , or Closing the shared tab aren’t enough of an “endpoint” ?

Are you wanting the ability to set a closing date for final transactions being added to a tab - the “endpoint” :man_shrugging: :thinking:

I think @findingnemo is talking about accessing shared tabs through the API. (Sorry, I don’t know the answer.)


ahhh …thank you :grinning:

no idea then …obviously

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Yeah, exactly, I was hoping to bulk import into a shared tab a bunch of shared costs I have currently in an excel and just looking for an endpoint I can hit to do this. I imagine it’ll be something like:
POST "{Shared_Tab_ID}/transactions"
I can see the tab ID values when I do a simple
But trying to hit my POST endpoint above, I just get a '{"code":"not_found","message":"/shared/{Shared_Tab_ID}/transactions not found","retryable":{},"marshal_count":1,"unexpected":{}}\n'
Wondering if anyone else has managed to successfully add items to a shared tab via the API?