Share your money-saving tips!

(Nick) #81

Do you already own a previous generation console? I have an Xbox 360 so all my gaming history is rather locked in to that ecosystem, meaning I’d pretty much have to buy an Xbox One if I were to get in on the current generation. However if this was my first console (or I’d skipped the previous generation or two) I think I’d go for the PS4, as it seems to have the better exclusives.

(Dan) #82

PS4 it is! If by previous console you’d accept the original PlayStation 1 then yes I have a previous console. Best console ever imo.

(Andre Borie) #83

I’d go with PS4 just because their business model is about “sell you a console, sell you games, profit & repeat” where as Microsoft is getting more and more evil by turning to data collection & advertising (see the Windows 10 carnage).


Swagbucks? Dull and monotonous but isn’t a con unlike some

(Dan) #85

Yeah I used them before but for some reason I didn’t like them. I use e-Rewards. Been pretty good so far.


You tried prolific academic? They give out real cash instead of vouchers to complete academic surveys. Cash out with circle pay to avoid fees (over £20)

(Phil) #87

Has anyone every sustained a decent amount of money with surveys?
I’ve been doing YouGov surveys for about 2yrs maybe averaging one a week and not even got the initial £50 pay out yet. I don’t bother wasting too much time on them.


My collegeue made around 700£ one year

In a mixture of amazon surveys, vouchers and cash

(Jack) #89

Great future saving here for those of you with Welsh Student Finance :woman_student::man_student:. Knock £1,500 off your loan for basically paying back £5 before the repayments start.

(Sacha) #90

One tip for those in London would be to sign up to Train Reeclaim -

You connect your Oyster card to it and then it scans the journey history and automatically submits refund claims for (tube) delays of over 15 minutes.

I probably get around £10/month back in credit for delayed journey refunds. You can get this credit transferred to you as a cash payment into your bank or alternatively get the credit off the cost of any future ticket bought online on the TfL website.

(Danny) #91

Does this work if you use Apple Pay though?

(Sacha) #92

Apparently it does according to their website, although as I tend to use an Oyster card I can’t personally confirm that.


I use a number of the tips already mentioned. Here are a few which I don’t think have been mentioned yet - Browser extension that alerts you to relevant voucher codes and deals as you visit online merchants. One annoyance - it pops up a deal for WeSwap when you visit Not sure why - perhaps a problem in their database. - Get reward points for searching using Bing instead of Google. Points can be redeemded for various gift cards - Get annual travel pass (cheaper than weekly or monthly) without paying upfront. Haven’t used myself but seems useful for people who can’t get this through company schemes.

(Matt ) #94

Just beware Commuter Club was a pain in the arse to leave

(Ben) #95

If there any Audible users out here, go to the ‘Cancel your subscription’ page, and they will immediately offer you 3 months at half price.

(Peter Shillito) #96

This seems fairly standard with the majority of subscriptions (I did this with Graze ages ago and then left completely) as long as you’ve been with them for a few months before you try.