Roundup 13/04/17

(Naji Esiri) #1

Hey everyone!

@cookywook is busy making his very special silver screen debut for a very special Monzo vid :eyes:

So I’ll be delivering your dose of community good stuff this week.

Earlier this week, before his agent called, Rich got the ball rolling with a nifty money saving tips thread - tell us yours and get a couple of handy money saving pointers while you’re at it!

Head of People @tara answered questions on our latest gender pay gap update - lots of interesting links to watch and read posted here too :+1:

Knowing how to manage your money is an essential tool for independent living. So when should financial education start and what’s the best way to learn these life skills? Share you thoughts and past experience as a young adult leaving home and managing a budget for the first time.

Are you still unsure about going ‘the full Monzo?’ hear from others weighing up whether to take the plunge and move over completely from their old bank :scream:(something which will be so much easier now CASS is here!)

That’s all folks, have a good weekend!


Great round up, @Naji! When do you get to play with the green screen?!

(Naji Esiri) #3

Thanks! The green screen is Ben’s (our videographers) toy :sunglasses:

(Richard Cook) #4

Thanks, Naji.