Share your desk setup!

Torn between having another monitor on the left or keeping it simple and tidy… the monitor looks small in the photo but it’s a 32" AW3225QF.

Seeing some of your photos, I think I might need a plant or two… :thinking:


I love seeing other people’s desk setups!

I wish I could get rid of the iMac but it’s work issued and I need it occasionally, the laptop is work issued as well but more powerful so is my main workhorse. Would love to have plants but my cats eat them, or I kill them … I haven’t had the heart to throw out my dead bonsai yet.


I assume you will be watching the Grand Prix (given the model cars and that you are clearly a Martin Brundle fan). Hoping for showers this afternoon?

My desk has quite accidentally become car/f1 themed over the past couple of years. I will indeed be watching the F1 (I literally just took this picture hence Martin on the screen!). I was there last year where I definitely didn’t enjoy sitting in the rain Friday/Saturday but this year sat from home, it’d give Lando an advantage so I’d love it!

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And what a race it was!


Nice to see some great setups. I recently purchased an apartment and the office is at the back of the to do list with less wfh. Lots of good inspiration here. I’m a clean freak too. My colleague think I’m insane when I get the compressed air out to clean the keyboard :sweat_smile:

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My setup hasn’t changed much since Jan-22.

  • Keyboard is now a Keychron K5 Pro
  • Mouse is now an MX Master 3
  • Main display is now an LG 32UN650-W
  • Speakers upgraded to Q Acoustic 3010s

Couldn’t be bothered to post an updated pic as it would involve tidying up!

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