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When something affects the way you manage your money, if you let us know we’ll do everything we can do support you. So we’ve added a tool called ‘Share with us’ that lets you tell us what’s happening through the Monzo app.


Great post, Monzo deferentially differs from any other bank on their approach with this. I have no fear in saying (as many of you already know :p) gambling was a big problem for me, gambling block and reducing my access to physical cash really was exactly what I needed.

I’ve ended up feeling more in control of my own money than I have before! It is payday today and its first month (I actually think “ever”) that I still had money left from last payday in my account!


I love this, great work Natalie!

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Love it. Yes there are banks out there that offer more financial rewards for using them, but to be using a bank that seems to genuinely care about their customers and places such steps as this in their procedures…that sense of genuine care really makes you (well me at least anyway) feel like I am a valued customer who is respected and human. Not just another number in the system.

Bravo Monzo!


I remember when this feature was first being discussed a few months ago and even the idea of it brought tears to my eyes. This is why I love working at Monzo. To think that we can make Monzo a safe space for people to truly feel in control of their finances no matter what their situation is… wow. :hot_coral_heart:


This is really cool!

There’s a minor bug when accessing this tool.

When searching for it, as you are typing in the search field, it shows the article up until you have typed “share with u”.

However, if you type the full phrase “share with us” the article doesn’t show up.
Screenshots attached.
iPhone X on iOS 12

image image


Not coming up here either.

Working here but I am on TestFlight. image

Thanks so much for this feedback @monzo2018! :raised_hands:

I’ve just raised this now to see if we can get that fixed :hammer_and_wrench:


Thanks for the positive reaction everyone! It means so much! We hope this will help lots of people :heart_eyes:

If anyone has any feedback around this or anything else, myself and the Vulnerable Customer team are always here to listen! :ear:


I had a direct message from Monzo when I was going through challenging times with the big C, and with company redundancies all happening at the same time (I was unfortunately affected), causing my mind to be scattered all over the place, particularly with money being a worry. The service and attention to customer well-being is definitely a major positive and it was reassuring to know that Monzo cared. They mentioned of dedicated teams that can support in cases where we face a few bumps in life, which is great to hear.
This new ‘Share with us’ feature is definitely a continuation of showing that the bank cares for its customers.

If not already, I think it should be something that forms as part of the onboarding process, so that those in difficulty are seen to from the get go.

Keep up the great work!


I’ve got to say, I think that the ‘Share with us’ feature is really useful and - as a statistical sort - I’d love to be able to do work with Monzo and the vulnerable customer team to see if Monzo could predict who was most likely to become vulnerable.

This is fab.

I’m surprised you didn’t specifically mention Domestic Violence. I mean more the psychological controlling type rather than the physical side. My own experience points to friends who have had money stolen by controlling partners.

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I find it difficult to believe that telling a creditor that you struggle with debts will be helpful to anyone but the creditor, they then label you as a high risk lender and withdraw various services. There’s nothing wrong with debt, we all carry some at various point in our lives, its when it becomes unaffordable that there’s a problem. I would love for Monzo to actively try to help you manage your money by for example pointing out more affordable options or when your likely to exceed your budget etc… rather than withdrawing the overdraft

I’ve shared with them and they certainly didn’t withdraw my overdraft

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I don’t think they withdraw any services unless you ask them to.

The point of this feature as far as I can tell, is to offer help to those who need it. Not punish them.

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I am keen to understand what I get for sharing with you what looks like the issues that I am facing. For example it might be better for you to tell me what help you can give me and how I can access that help and how far you can take that as an internet bank. I’m speaking in general terms but would be keen to understand for example what you would do if someone told you that they had been impacted by a fraud or a scam.