Share Price

Thoughts on how this security blunder could effect attractiveness of monzo/share price?

Would be interested to see people’s opinions

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I don’t think it will have any impact whatsoever. Perhaps if it was publicly traded there would be small reduction but that is not the case.


Have to agree with @MalaiseForever - the price is pretty much static until the company is next valued for another raise, IPO or sale so whilst this may be pointed to by a new investor - they’re likely not going to be raising again so soon so probably won’t have that big of an affect on it really.

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Security blunder is a bit strong in my eyes, can’t see it affecting the share price at all. As usual, the dealing with it was spot on.


The share price will crash by around 0p.

What blunder are you talking about btw? :man_shrugging:

I think it is in regards to the PINs “debacle” that was mentioned yesterday.

AKA “The Fall of the House of Monzo”


AKA "The Day Monzo Died"


No ‘blunder’, no impact in my view.