Setting your budget before the next period starts

By allowing the user to set budgets in each category before their next period or pay, the user would be able to get ahead of their finances.
I often find myself thinking about how I’m going to budget the next month but I can’t do this in the monzo app so I end up using my own spreadsheet. If I could do this in the monzo app it would be brilliant.

You can set budgets per category unless I’m misunderstanding? :confused:

Changes to the category budgets affect the current and subsequent periods. I think the ask here is setting it for the next and subsequent periods.


Yes that’s what I was going for :slight_smile:


I’m hoping this becomes part of the budget rework that was spoken of a while ago.

I’d love more control over when Monzo considers my income to be actually budgetable. (i.e, the pay I am receiving this month, is meant to be budgeted in April, say, rather than Now).

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No brainer, has my vote.

If i was to ever use summary again for budgeting this would be a big need.

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