Setting up Apple Pay

Got my nice shiny new iPhone and tried to set up Monzo for Apple Pay



Found a few threads from last year about Apple Pay, but nothing recently.

Does it work yet?


Your issuer does not yet offer support for this card.


It’s not supported with Apple Pay as of yet.

From my understanding they will be issuing new debit cards nearer to the ‘official’ current account launch. I imagine Apple Pay support will follow fairly soon after that (couple of months maybe?).

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The first rule of accepting Apple Pay is not to talk about accepting Apple Pay. Various NDAs will have been signed and Monzo won’t be allowed to comment on anything publicly.

Android Pay is less secretive, but we still have no idea on that.


Essentially, they are waiting until the Current Account has launched to release this as there is no point building a system for the Prepaid card…as it is going away (so it would be 2x the work as they are radically different) plus, the issuer for the prepaid cards (Wirecard) don’t support Android/Apple Pay.

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My guess would be that Apple would prefer Apple Pay to launch on Monzo when the current account is fully open to the public. But as mentioned above, Apple love an NDA. As an employee, I was once given a verbal warning for talking on the shop floor about getting gym membership discount as an employee benefit.

The acceptance of the Current Account Preview was that Apple Pay was not available right now. It will be released later.

Monzo cannot offer Apple Pay on the prepaid cards because (I’m guessing) they would have to alter their agreement with Wirecard who provides the prepaid card processing and seen as Monzo will be withdrawing the prepaid card soon there is little point putting effort in that direction right now.


Yes. And it would require Wirecard to make significant changes to their system, as would Monzo - so it makes little sense as you say given Prepaid is going away. You might as well focus the engineering effort on the current account.

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