Setting up apple pay on new number

Hiya team. Just changed to iOS from droid. And when I try to set up apple pay, it asks for a code from my mobile. Problem is I’ve changed it! I’ve changed it on my profile…but apple pay wants authorisation from my old number.

How long ago did you change the number? If it was very recent like today, it could take some time to update I’d guess.

Try removing the card and adding it again, if that doesn’t work contact support.

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I might be wrong but if it’s sending a code to your old number it’ll be getting the number id have thought at the connection point with your card provider.

Try updating your card provider with the new phone number in their systems and try Apple Pay set up again. I think it’ll then connect to your new number.

I’d have thought the number would definitely be captured from your provider when it reached Visa Secure, Mastercard Securecode or Amex SafeKey point in set up rather than at device level.

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You should be able to resolve this by removing the card that’s not fully activated, making sure your phone number is up to date in both the Monzo app and on your Apple ID, then going through the add card process again from scratch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Neither Apple Pay nor Google Pay handle phone number changes during the verification process very well. :sweat_smile: