Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round

(Liam) #92

So this is where we are at now, huh? Mocking people who say things we don’t like, rather than countering their assertions with reason?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #93

lol this is getting surreal now - quoted by “creepy old man” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Neil M) #94

How easily in terms legality is to amend the Monzo Prospectus because I would just suggest that Monzo Remove/ amend that Paragraph and redraft and republish, because at the moment the newspapers involved are small but I can only see that rising. Thereby removing any ambiguity surrounding the issue.
Also @Lhx its a very emotive issue so people will always maybe go a little above board to protect things they like


Twitter is buzzing;

(Liam) #96

emotions and investment decisions should be kept very, very, very far apart.


But Monzo have said they aren’t going to tell their customers what they can spend their money on (including their overdraft).


Urgh, he’s missing the point. People are bemused that the Times article was worded like Monzo were actively encouraging it. The simple fact is that if you have an overdraft you could use it to buy shares. It’s not really their place to prevent something that is perfectly legal. Yes, it’s a silly idea to do so but they’ve provided all the material for people to make an informed decision.

(Natalia) #99

Agreed! Makes me feel very uncomfortable. He is just a sad little man who will do anything for that pay check.

(Richard) #100

I’ve actually complained to the IPSO about this article. The using of our comments in the forum without context to justify the story has pushed me over the edge. It’s pathetic and just shows the standard of journalism these days. Trolling of forums to twist something out of context. Truly truly pathetic.

(Neil M) #101

I meant to try and remove the ambiguity so that a person cannot make a leap from are “able to” to “can use”. Totally agree that no company should dictate what their customers money is spent on but the consequences of this PR could be long lasting especially as Monzo tries to grow its customer base and especially as it is exploring the Loan platform Wonga (
Does anyone know if there is a warning that you have to click in order to use your overdraft for the investment because that would make it an informed choice?

(Richard) #102

I’m not on Twitter and I’m certainly not going to join to respond to this, but would anyone like to point out to Mr Hosking that we are not a cult, we are simply angry at the fact that he has written an article with no substance, ill-informed and condescending on our forum users?

(Natalia) #103

OMG!! I can’t believe he just said that…!!!
Guys, perhaps we should stop ranting? Lol As i fear he will just keep pushing and God knows, maybe his so-called journalist friends will also start picking on Monzo, which we do not want. Let’s just keep it cool and let him know that he can’t get to us. You see? He just wants attention. How sad… someone needs to give him a hug.


I was waiting for that :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #105

Calm down everyone.

Today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper.

(Dan) #106

Great article to set the record straight, thanks

(Alex) #107

This is what a lot of journalism is nowadays, sadly. Practically every day you see a ‘story’ which is just a bunch of tweets or screenshots from mumsnet with a couple of hundred words of hastily typed-out copy.

(Nick) #108

You can use the overdraft from your other bank to transfer the money to your Monzo account, neh?

For a financial journalist he seems to be working rather hard to give the impression he doesn’t understand how financial institutions work. :see_no_evil:

(Richard) #109

I wonder if he will copy and paste this post into his Twitter feed…:thinking: :thinking:

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Clearly the Forum needs to implement some new rules.

  1. NO JOKES.

Or maybe a Sarcasm Tag (like the spoiler tag) just in case.

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Serious posts only.
We’re very serious millenniums.