Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round

(Ray) #112

I’m famous!

(Ray) #113

I bet he has no idea what Futurama or a meme is. Shame I got shot of Twitter because I would have trolled the life out of him (which is why I got rid of Twitter).

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Well done, but I suspect that IPSO will do sod all like usual.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #115

Crikey, some backtracking and calming down is needed … if you’re reading this Patrick :slight_smile:

"You think I can’t buy shares using an overdraft from another bank?"

"You can’t. You have to be a Monzo customer and use your Monzo account - overdrawn or not "

for a financial journalist to come out with that is quite bluntly silly, and quite obviously wrong - sorry it plainly is for all to see - wrong . cultists or not

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Or toilet paper.

(Stephen Spencer) #117

Well this WILL provide plenty of discussion in our upcoming cultist meeting in Shoreditch Park under the gaze of the next full moon. Just to remind everyone, I’ve still got the ceremonial dagger, but someone else will have to bring the hot coral facepaint this time. There will also be a book signing of The Millennial’s Guide To Frivolous Spending On Illiquid Assets by Rupert Altright so arrive on time - free avocado toast with every copy!

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I just purchased

(Richard) #119

This comment on the Times comments section has annoyed me too…just so uninformed.

"I don’t understand the bad rep against this article - if I am one of the Monzo customers who bought into their marketing I will be wanting to ‘invest’ thinking it’s going to the the next bitcoin. It is very doubtful any due diligence will be done as they have carefully constructed a ‘fear of missing out’ message in their communication to customers.

From the very beginning, Monzo is nothing but a shell for banking services provided elsewhere, and they are heavily relying on fancy marketing (rather than quality services) to promote their brand.

Rather than raving about the unique services it provides, users are more inclined to comment on the coral pink card, good twitter support, fastest crowdfunding, strong community etc…

They should instead comment on: the interest rates on their accounts, overseas cash withdrawal, low rate mortgages, investment services, balance transfers etc…

Monzo is providing nothing of the services that can make a real difference to a person’s finance, and before they focus on actual valued added services people should be careful about labeling them as the next big thing."

Needless to say I’ve responded with my arguments as to why I think he is completely wrong!!

(Jane) #120

Well no surprise there. “Journalists” often miss the point of anything and more often are just reflecting the views of the establishment or, worse in this case, big banks. Keep on keeping on - I love Monzo. It was the simplest account to set up and one of the best designed online interfaces I have ever seen. In the world. So there :smiley:

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I’m being retweeted by him so I’m doing something right.

I honestly am astounded this man is a financial journalist.


Er. Precisely.


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I wonder if this variation would be any better for Mr Hosking



I feel a little bit famous too as your “Just Buy Buy Buy” post was replying to my post asking if we’ll get time to read the prospectus (turned out we have plenty of time).

For what it’s worth, if The Times are interested - which I suspect they’re not as they’ve already got the sensational headline they came for, I didn’t take stephen’s comment as financial advice but as a good humoured joke on one of the best Internet forums I’ve had the privilege of using in the last 20 years.

It is scary how trashy some our media has become. Deciding on a headline and narrative and then working backwards to find quotes and anything at all to justify their headline. Sad times :confounded:

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Woohoo! People do understand humour after all :+1:


What are you planning to do with your new found fame? I’m thinking promoting climate change (joking aside - a most worthy cause).

But yes all of my post must be read with disclaimer … “please be sensible in all financial matters”


I mean… this is The Times. What did people really expect? They don’t do journalism.


I’d like to use my new found fame in The Times to raise awareness of my campaign to Bring Back The Loom and Make Everything Great Again. The luddites were ludd-RIGHT! It’s all gone downhill since industrialisation. Banks that borrow your money to lend it out again, newspapers that write whatever the fook they want whether the King or Pope agree or not, commoners joking around on Internet forums like drunken jesters.

Can’t we just go back to a simpler time when we all just enjoyed Atora? :joy:

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Thank you so much for this comment :heart:

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Real shame but understandable :disappointed: