Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round


Woohoo! I’ve never been misquoted before in order to satisfy someone’s personal agenda

(Matt C) #67

Can I say that personally I appreciate the fact that you can make a jokey comment on here and not have it be censored. Especially when it is part of a lengthy discussion about the topic.

(Ray) #68

Exactly my thoughts.

Murdoch might claim he doesn’t have control over what The Times writes but I suspect otherwise.

(Phil) #69

Because the Monzo community managers are real people who understand nuance.
Unlike journalists.


Oh journalists understand nuance perfectly - this guy knows exactly what he is doing.

(Phil) #71

That’s fair.

Maybe I should say that the Monzo community team are reasonable people. Unlike journalists…

(Neil M) #72

I think the worse thing as that is that the article is assuming that Monzo’s Ethics are the same as a legacy bank. Surely it comes down to personal choice, we’ve all had student loans where we’ve spent more than we should on alcohol and no one cares if anything its better to spent the money on shares than alcohol. :joy:

(Ray) #73

Monzo is predominantly used by millennials.

The majority of the press hates millennials.

Therefore hatchet jobs like this are another stick to beat the young with. I suppose now we will “hate bank branches” based on previous click bait headlines. Probably one of the reasons why traditional media is dying - it is alienating the new readership by demonising them.

Edit: I studied Media Studies - I like to think I know what I’m talking about!

(Is Santa here yet?) #74

There’s an old school idea that everything to do with finance or investing should be very matter of fact with no room for humour or personality. If you stray from that line, or do not treat money with the reverence it deserves, you’re being irresponsible. Times change but apparently The Times doesn’t


“I hate bank branches. They smell and don’t serve avocado toast” - redshift


This tweet shows that some journalists could take anything said on this forum literally and without the context and twist it to support their misleading articles. In Trump’s words, Sad!

As users, I think we need to be a bit careful with words here and I people don’t like it but Monzo might have to be a bit more heavy-handed on forum moderation.

You can see why Starling did what they did.

(Matt C) #77

I think people should be a bit careful in general, but I strongly disagree that people shouldn’t be allowed to joke on here or express an opinion in a civilised manner. Ultimately the quote was taken out of context (which any of our words could be to fit someones agenda) and I don’t think suddenly we should be dramatically trying to enforce stricter moderation on the community because of it. If it is a single post with no context or discussion around it it is one thing, but everything that was quoted was contained within a whole thread of conversation which I personally think the papers should have to link to.

(Ray) #78

That’s why I can’t buy a £200k house, because I’m spending £1.75 on packs of four avocados in Aldi…

(Neil M) #83

I’ve deleted mine, Sorry.

(Liam) #84

Cool - I’ve done the same.


Isn’t buying a house an investment? And don’t you take out a huge loan in order to do it?

“lights the fuse and runs …”

p.s. Please The Times, im sorry for speaking, do I have your permission to continue posting?


@rayoxmale Another famous Monzo user (you’ve got to laugh…)


Just throwing this in here.

(Nick) #88

Now I just have this in mind


I wonder if he will quote that!