✅ Set virtual cards expire date

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to set an expire date on your virtual cards?

E.g. So it can expire with a subscription.

Please let me know what you think.

Temporary cards? For 1 or more transactions will be better I think.
What is the point of expiration date if you can delete it anytime ?

I can see where this would be useful though…

Setting up a trial that requires an active card, but you want to burn the card prior to the trial auto billing you.
Not sure how this would settle with the merchant though as you technically have entered into a contract.

Hmm… maybe just set a reminder in your calendar a day before you want the card to expire and manually remove it?

I might have missed another valid scenario where being able to set the expiry date on cards is handy.

Could even have a switch against the virtual card to toggle allowing payments on/off so you don’t have to burn a card number but you can control anything that might still be attached to it.

Right, that’s the use case I had in mind. You can set your card to be deleted to avoid being overcharged when a free trial period expire. I mean I can still manually deleted by I am all over automated things. :blush:

And if for some reason the automation fails and your trial extends into a contract, you will no doubt blame the bank.

With trials, I would always recommend manual control.


So my motivation is that I don’t want to do it manually. I think what I ment with expiration date was that I’d like the card to automatically be deleted on a date of my choice. Just to avoid forgetting things and to further automate the process. You know, you sign up for a service for 1 year and at the time of signing up you create and attach your Virtual Card (VC) while also setting it to be automatically deleted 12 months later on the last expected payment date. That way you don’t have to “worry” or bother remembering to manually delete it. Does that make kore sense?

Deleting your card does not end your trial. You need to do this manually with the company.

All that will happen is the company will keep trying to charge you and you’ll end up with a marker on your credit report for late payments then a default.




Depends on the company I guess. If they don’t have your address or you use a false name it won’t effect your credit.

Let’s not go down this route, it’s almost like you’re condoning this type of behaviour.


You really do post some questionable things.

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It’s true tho.
For example Netflix will not go after you they’ll just cancel your subscription.
If it’s a phone contract they will go after you

If it’s a subscription box they’ll just not send the next one
If it’s a gas Bill they will do

He has a point.
Most money saving pages actually recommends you don’t use your true details for free trails or freebies since they sell your info on