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(Moaria) #138

@hugo @simonb @alexs I’ve been reading this thread for a while the up’s, the downs, the semantically inclined arguments ‘should they be called targets or limits’ blah blah blah (I’m not being flippant, I’m ever so slightly irritated :angry:) the only thing that I am sure of is that this thread is over a year old and there’s no definitive answer from Monzo about the start dates for budgeting. I, like a lot of people, work my budget from payday which is the middle of the month, I try to pay everything out by the 1st but some companies have arbitrary payment dates ‘on or around, or my personal favourite 3 days +/- ) so having a budget date that I can set to my own pay date would be a godsend so when I do receive my CA everything makes a little bit more sense rather than wondering how I’ve spent so much more money than I actually got paid in a month.
If someone from Monzo could pony up an answer, I (and at least 100 others) would be ever so grateful. :+1:t5::blush:

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(Alex Sherwood) #139

We don’t know when this change will be made but we do know it’s on it’s way -

it might not get released that soon but if it isn’t, that’ll be because the team will be rolling out other awesome features like Pots :slight_smile:


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@alexs thanks for being a don and getting right on back with an answer :+1:t5::fist_right:t5::fist_left:t5:

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(Scott Griffin) #141

I do not use the ‘spending’ tabs at all as they are of no use to me - being able to customise this section, starting with each payday cycle (every four weeks) would be much more helpful for me!


(Lewis) #142

Pots looks great! but i still think the point is being missed here. Setting the start of month is much more base functionality than the features that appear to be taking precedence. I like where the features are going but the path to get there should have had start of month being settable earlier. this would allow us to still get useful data from the application, until we get all of the niceties such as targets, pots ect. I am worried that setting start of month will be bundled with a big update, sometime way in the future, and the current roadmap seems to back that up. So please, please, please consider doing this asap, rather than bundling it with other more complex functionality.


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The start of the month is tied in to the whole targets/budgeting feature. My understanding is that this is currently being completely rewritten, so they are not fiddling about with the existing feature (even for something that seems as trivial as setting the start of the month – there are always implications for such changes that have to be worked through). Even if you could set the start of the month, there are issues with the current Targets implementation, such as the fact that being paid back for shared charges or expenses doesn’t decrease your spend, that make it difficult to use for anything other than the most simplistic budget.

For an idea of where this is going, see here:

I think it is likely that Pots had to come first, as it is pretty foundational to the architecture. When the revised Spending tab comes along, we will want it to work smoothly with Pots, so this way they can be integrated with the new Spending features from the outset.


(Lewis) #144

Yes, it does appear to be tied to other functionality, i guess i am just disappointed that it is. So yes, i understand that there are knock on effects for things like targets, to implement this feature, but that’s what identifies this as more base functionality. That is why i am frustrated when i see other features being given a higher priority because it will make it even more difficult to include this one. I can see the can getting kicked down the road to give users fancy new features instead of what many believe are more fundamental. Your point that it takes longer to implement due to how it ties in with other features is exactly why i am passionate about seeing this happen sooner rather than later.


(Jolin) #145

I was trying to say that I think we’ll see this feature with the re-launch/update of Spending/Targets. And I think that is one of the priority features being worked on. It’s currently showing in the Near Term on the transparent product roadmap, and Naji recently updated the roadmap, so that is their current plan.

I also think that Monzo accepted long ago that people need to be able to set the start date, so I would be very surprised if they weren’t taking this into account with anything they’re designing now. I can’t imagine the features being developed now will make it more difficult to include setting the start of the month.

My prediction is that we’ll get an updated spending/targets feature in the first half of 2018, and it will include the ability to set the start of the month, and it will be available on Android too. :robot: Let’s see what happens… :eyes:


(Tom Hoare) #146

It’s great to see how you’ve spent your money over the month. However my salary doesn’t get paid in on the 1st. So it’s always ever so slightly out.

It’d be amazing if you could choose your month start or end date.



I have setup targets as soon as they came out, but never really used them as they didn’t make any sense at all in my case.
I get paid on the 10th of the month, and on the 8th if the 10th is a Sunday.


(Martin) #148

Until the start date can be set by the customer, I would suggest that the targets are completely useless. Calendar month is arbitrary in terms of one’s spending patterns.

Monzo, you clearly think this feature is important and indeed mature, given that it is one of only five top level pages/tabs on the app. This immediately makes me question the credibility of the monzo app.

So what am I missing - How do you propose this feature be used, Monzo?


(Abe) #149

I was just about to create a thread for this, when I thought “I’d better check no one else has suggested” and you have!

I too would like my own calendar too and from period instead of a default date! I get paid weird date so the info given if of 2x months really and it’s not accurate spend!



Hey guys- would be handy if you could edit the monthly target cycle to different dates ie if I get paid on the 12th I can set monthly targets between this period as opposed to just month end :unicorn:

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Yesterday someone at the dry cleaners was complaining that the council wanted them to pay their rent weekly, which they couldn’t do because they were paid monthly. It made me think of this thread …

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(Chaks) #152

I agree from my prespective having my spending starting from pay check to pay check as an option would be much better as I too get paid on the 25th of the month… maybe a way to categorise salary on the app so that that category triggers the start of ones target cycle… for better budgeting


(Abe) #153

Before my mum retired, she was paid bi-monthly with her job in the council! Strange isn’t it…


(Mo Janneh) #154

I’m sure most people can agree if the month ‘start date’ could be altered depending on the user it would be quite handy. An example of this is I get paid from work on the 25th and would like to start my monthly budgets from there rather than have the last 4,5 or 6 days of a month stuck with the previous monthly budget

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I have my salary paid into my other bank account then transfer my allowance on the 1st so it lines up


(Keri) #156

That’s actually a great idea - not sure why I hadn’t thought of doing that before!

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(Joanna ) #157

Being able to set the start date of “my” financial month (starting 20th) would be the KEYSTONE to having a clear overview and total control over my spending. It has come a long way since my move to Monzo which I use in collaboration with my old current account, where are my fixed direct debits etc come out of. Monzo is for the spending which I can control and where I can make savings. I like the suggestion of just transferring the money to Monzo on 1st which I will do in the meantime.

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