Poll : How many contacts do you have in your Monzo with Friends?

(Simon B) #1

Was just flicking through my Monzo app and I have to say, I’m pretty amazed at the amount of friends and family I have using Monzo now who show up in my Monzo-to-Monzo payments section. Even if I remove colleagues from the equation it’s still over 40 people, and most of them aren’t people who I’ve personally gotten to sign up - they’ve begun to use it on their own.

How many people in your immediate friends/family/acquaintances circle are using Monzo?

  • 0-5
  • 5-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-50
  • More than 50!

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How many of your friends/family use Monzo?

Not a single one…
(sorry to be such a killjoy with my 1st response…)



(Kim L.) #4

10 exactly! :raised_hands:t2:

(Ian Lyon) #5

16 for me! I keep a pretty slim contacts app though :man_shrugging:

(Dave) #6

7, although I keep trying to get people to see the light!

(Stephen Morris) #7

I have 19. But I worked for a High Street bank until the end of last year and there everyone had a Monzo account!

(Simon B) #8

I love hearing things like this.

I met my cousin’s boyfriend around a year ago. He introduced himself and said something like “I hear you work for my favourite bank!”

I asked him how he’d heard about us, and he said “I work for HSBC and everyone here has a Monzo card”. :joy:

(Toby Toller) #9

66! And maximum 10 of those signed up through me…

Not surprised though being a London based 20 something

How many of your friends/family use Monzo?
(Andre Borie) #10

I work for HSBC and everyone here has a Monzo card

I’m surprised nothing changes at the legacy banks despite stuff like this happening. I mean, when your own employees prefer a competitor’s product, that should tell you something.

(Aled) #11

None whatsoever

(Andre Borie) #12

It’s up to you to change that. Golden tickets are there for a reason. :wink:

(Excited about Christmas) #13

Ten, including three I am no longer in touch with, and probably only three I would actually transact with. Would be good to move this under Recents

(Harry) #14

35, quite surprised at that!

(Kevyn) #15


(Dan) #16

I also have 35 :smiley:

(Campbell Prosser) #17

I only have 5… but that’s all of my friends anyway

(Dannii) #18

A small, 3, two of which are family!

(Aled) #19

That is true however not all my friends are like me and will happily give a brand new bank a go.

(Dan) #20

I have 8 and the list is ever growing :slight_smile: