How many of your friends/family use Monzo?

I only have one person, my cousin who travells abroad a lot for work and finds Monzo the best for spending abroad.

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6 family members and 29 friends using Monzo :joy:

I have really sold them. My elevator pitch has improved every time :eyes:


Most of my friends have Monzo, a bunch use it as their main account, some only use it as a backup/travel money card.
Of my family I know my sister has one - she came to visit last year and was noting everything she spent down in a notebook so she could keep track, so I showed her the app and she signed up as soon as I gave her a golden ticket. I think she uses it as her main account now.

I’m going to work on my parents when I get home, they just have a joint account but each withdraw cash as spending money regularly, if they each had a Monzo account and sent money to those they’d have a much better idea of what they had or needed.


40 or so not including colleagues!


No Family.
7 Friends,
Although I know some of my friend’s partners have since signed up.
In the process of getting a family member onboard :grin:


Still none.

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4, none of which are main bank

Almost everyone I know has a Monzo account. It’s used mostly for transfering money to and from each other with ease. I’m the only person I know who uses it as their main bank account.

No family about 10 friends.

My mom and dad are hard sells especially my mom who hates her mobile as it is

Currently I’m the only user in my family at the moment but quiet a few of my friends are using Monzo and are enjoying the experience :slight_smile:

That reminds me, I must Google how to get friends :grinning:


2 family members and 1 friend who now uses monzo as his main bank.

How can you be sure? Given you don’t use Monzo?

I only thought a few of my friends were using Monzo, but then looking in my ‘Contacts on Monzo’ in app I was surprised to see 71!

Funny to see that number rise in 3 weeks since last thread like this. Speaking of which any Coral Crew want to merge the two?

Accessing this section isn’t limited to those who actually use Monzo: I can still open it …

That’s cool - wasn’t sure if the app/account still opened once closed, but I guess that makes sense for statement histories etc.

Oh I see. That’s the misunderstanding then: I never said I closed the account. It’s still open because I’m curious what they’ll come up with going forward :slight_smile:

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