Number of Monzo Customers


At the time of this post Monzo had 1,237,629 accounts

But my questions to Monzo/community are.

  1. How many use Monzo as their primary account

  2. How many DAU or potential a better measure would be weekly active users are there? (So either use their card or go on their app at least once a week?

  3. How many accounts appear unused i.e. no activity in the last 30 days?

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If I remember right, percentage of #fullmonzo users is around 20-25% and number of percentage of weekly active users is around 80%

No sources though sorry, on mobile.

(Bruce) #3

May I please ask where you got a live number from?
Many thanks

Ps. I still speak to so many people with Monzo, who haven’t ever thought about switching… there is definitely some work to be done to educate the masses


There is a live counter on the homepage, near the bottom.

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There aren’t any Monzo members. :man_shrugging:


Believe Tom mentioned in his LinkedIn interview that c.26% of all monzo customers get their salary paid in.


Care to elaborate


Any ideas on my other two questions?

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Monzo has staff, and customers.

I think that there is a potential danger in either the staff, or the customers, getting into the mindset that they are members of an organisation with common goals.

I don’t want to derail your thread, though.


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Also. The number on the homepage isn’t accurate because I believe it excludes some things such as joint accounts?


True, but you’d only be counting the same people twice in that instance :wink:


The ‘on’ in the thread title was agravating me, so I updated it. Of course just change it back if wanted.