Separate icons for business and personal accounts?


I have both a personal account and a business account. I access them using the app on an Android phone.

I like to keep my icons organised in folders on the home screen. I have a folder for “money” which has my personal finance apps and a folder for “business” which has all of my business-specific apps (including finance apps).

Currently, my Monzo icon is in the money folder. But I’d also love to have it in the business folder - but configured so that it always opens up the business account.

I can’t see a way to do that. Is it something that has been discussed here? Does anyone else think it’s a good idea?



No reason why you can’t have a shortcut to the same app in multiple folders on Android. Just go into all apps and drag another copy ro the second folder.

What you can’t do is have one icon open the app in the personal account and the other open in the business account by default.

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