SEPA transfer

The last topic about Sepa transfer , i seen from 2017

So…when Monzo will be able to get SEPA payments using SWIFT/BIC? Nothing back from 2017, any progression with that?
I really don t like Transfer Wise and intermediate

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Probably never.


Why you say this? base on …???

Monzo cba to sort this issue out for years - you can get an IBAN at ease elsewhere so do that imo

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Based on the bank being 7 years old and not really looking to implement direct SEPA/international payments, they partnered with Wise to do this simply as a partnership and removes unnecessary risk and whatever else.

I wouldn’t hold out for monzo becoming part of the network, it probably costs a lot of money and their focus is the UK.

If demand was high for it, it would be done, but it’s not.

Okay, when did that happen?!

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Turned 7 this year while I was working for them, though being an actual bank is only 4-5 years I think when they got their licence.

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I sadly agree with this.

They seemed to want to before but then stopped working on it. Even though they made US accounts. Still no international transfers.
Same as cheque imaging.

The reason I can’t use Monzo as a main account. Same as many others.

I don’t think they have any interest in these features even though pretty much all other banks have them.

That isn’t true though.

I have been with Monzo since beta and there is always people asking on here or social media for these features.

We haven’t been asked. I bet if someone started a poll for these features, there would be LOTS of interest.

They even have US accounts but no international transfers.

It is nothing to do with people wanting it, as lots do, but after being told over and over that they aren’t working on it, over time people stop asking.

It is NOT a case of people don’t want it at all.
Its because they keep saying no, linking the blog post about it and ending the conversation there.
That is why.
People know they aren’t working on it.

Hence a lot went to Starling.

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adds it to the list

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Polls don’t count for anything, and again. If it was in significant demand and a reason why hundreds of thousands left for another bank, they’d consider.

As it’s in the low hundreds of people who want it, don’t need it, and can use wise and other means to accept / send international payments, theyve no need to build it.

Simple really.

Not enough to cause concern.

My life’s work. Ruined. Just like that.


Insightful for us here yes. Whether they impact monzo and their decision to implement something or bring something to the table talked about (if not already thought of and on a road map), I’m not convinced.

Therefore disagree a poll would force monzo to consider international payments being built in when they make money via wise and doesn’t cost them anything near than it would to become of the networks involved.

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That’s not true though.
They won’t reconsider due to demand. They made that clear.
They always link the post as to why they aren’t working on it. They have never said that if demand was enough they would do it, as demand WAS big enough. As I said, over time as people get told no with the link, people stopped asking.

Assuming they would work on it if they got enough demand is not true at all.
They have made this clear.

I even once asked them “if demand was big enough would you reconsider” and I was told NO

oh and polls do count. You vote on here for things and often high voted items get implemented as you can see here

A few hundred from over 6 million.

You could get every person that’s ever visited this forum to vote and it still won’t happen or make a dent.

You broke my world…how can be this???

Your manager knows about this concept? Or this is a Monzo direction ? If yes…I have no any reason to keep Monzo as my main bank

You don’t need to work for Monzo to realise the polls don’t mean anything.

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you have no idea how many it is though?

That again is an assumption.

And you’re making lots of assumptions too.

If they wanted to do it, they would. Whether it had 1 vote or 1,000,000.


yeah its a Monzo decision.

You can use wise for some things, but isn’t reliable and payments can fail.