P2P payments dialog/not working

(Sam) #1

Brief query about P2P payments:

  • Firstly, the “Look up contacts?” dialog appears every time I open the send money tab - I dismiss it by tapping “No” each time, but the choice does not seem to be remembered - it feels like this should be a one time thing, and that it could be enabled by the user at a later date rather than prompting every time!
  • Secondly, the send money feature does not seem to be working - entering a phone number (I have tried both my own, and a friend’s non-mondo number to try to invite them to join the beta) and tapping “next” on the iOS keyboard does not do anything.

Keep being awesome!
Version 1.2.0 (206)

(James Nicholson) #2

Hi Sam, cheers for the bug report! Looks like there’s an issue where declining the Contacts permission prevents you from using P2P. I’ll stick it on our bug board – sorry it’s causing problems, but thanks for letting us know! :smile:

From a product perspective, could you tell me more about your choice to decline the permission – is there anything that would make you more likely to choose “yes”? When you choose “no”, what sort of experience would you want in order for the app to still be usable? Thanks!

(Sam) #3

I wondered if that may have been it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Rewording the dialog would probably help - I had assumed it was a twitter-style “upload your contacts to see if any are any users” and not given it much more thought, but I take it it’s actually just listing your contacts locally with no server communication?
UXwise, perhaps just being able to enter an number manually. If the prompt is cancelled the first time, there could be a button on the toolbar, or similar which would re-open the prompt.
(I have now allowed that permission, by the way!)

(James Nicholson) #4

Great feedback thanks! That’s a really good point, we ought to make it clear that we’re not going to do anything nefarious with your address book! I’m adding your feedback to the bug report so we can give the process some :heart: from our Product Team :smile: Thanks!