Sending money from Peru

Hi everyone

A friend of mine is coming to London from Peru for a few months and he will be doing freelance work online during his time here. He’ll obviosly be paid in Peru and wants to know the best way he can transfer his Peruvian soles from his Peruvian bank account to £. He’d like to avoid bank fees if possible. It doesn’t seem possible with transferwise borderless the other option I thought of is using Revolut but that would be a transfer from his bank account so he would incur fees.

Any advice welcome!

Hi @jsavoure :wave:

I’d imagine your best bet would be TransferWise, they seem to be popular on this forum and are rather cost effective.
I don’t think you’ll completely get around the fees unfortunately.

I hope your friend enjoys his time here in the UK :uk:

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You can certainly use Transferwise to send £ to Peruvian bank accounts.

I’d investigate the Transferwise app or website. That’ll almost certainly be cheaper than a bank.

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@Anarchist I think the money is going in the opposite direction?

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It is. But if it can be done in the other direction, I suggested looking at Transferwise. :man_shrugging:

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