Best way to get paid as a freelancer?


Just wondering the best way to get paid as a freelancer. I work with mainly people from the us and have been using PayPal so far but even with friends and family transfers a small fee gets charged. They usually pay with GBP.

what’s the best way to charge clients? Preferably free as I do it part time, and something that would be frictionless on the clients end.


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If you’re receiving money from the US, you could set up a TransferWise Borderless account?

Edit - I was too slow! :joy:

They usually pay in GDP via PayPal. Should have said that in the main post sorry!

You mean GBP? Surely USD would be more convenient. Are they getting PayPal to convert for them?

PayPal lets them select an option for GDP.

Personally prefer just add the transaction cost to client £100 cost about £2

Also think you mean USD as there is no transaction/currency GDP

Ill take a look at stripe. Also my bad, should have been GBP.