Sending a parcel to the USA - Restrictions?

Just checking if anyone has had any issues sending parcels to the USA. I’ve checked some restrictions here -

but they don’t mention anything in further details. I am basically thinking about sending some chocolates and M&S tea cakes which come in small boxes. I am wondering if they will be allowed or are they going to be stuck in customs instead, anybody else had any experience with this?

I send 20-40 parcels to the US a day from the UK for work and never had an issue

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Oh okay thank you, but I assume you have a special clearance because it’s business parcels right? and your contents might not be food exactly? just assuming here btw :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine. Just pop Gift on the customs label

Perfect thank you! i will do that :slight_smile:

No different from sending any parcel outside the EU. Just check restrictions and fill out the CN22.

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It may be different in the USA to Canada - we looked at sending a food parcel to our daughter, but the Canada limitations included stuff about a 3+ month shelf life…

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Just don’t send Kinder Surprise Eggs. lol.


Or haggis.

I wonder what would actually happen - do they enforce this strictly enough as to intercept any parcel containing them? I understand they have a stupid reason for banning their sale but I can’t imagine the effort required to intercept them in small-volume packages is worthwhile. It’s not like the country is gonna fall because someone managed to sneak in a single Kinder surprise egg.

They are fairly good at intercepting them. I have also read that in one year the seized something like 60,000 eggs.

Kinder Surprise Egg Seizure

But now we have Kinder Joy Eggs, which is similar. I am curious if people are no longer trying to smuggle the Surprise Eggs in.