Mister Spex Trial Box

Not sure where I stand with this, but I ordered a trial box of 4 frames from Mister Spex, I had to SHIP it by the 10th April with the prepaid returns label. In this time they put a hold on my card of £877.80 which they would charge if they didn’t get the box back.

Royal Mail tracking showed the parcel as being delivered on the 14th April to a site in St Buyr, well yesterday they charged my card the full £877.80, I’ve just spoken to them who have said that Royal Mail tracking only shows the box up to when they delivered it to Mister Spex’s “port forwarder” and it then still has to be shipped from them back to Berlin where they are based, once they then have it they will reimburse the charge but have said to expect customs delays.

Now nowhere was it disclosed on the website that this was the case that they were being shipped back to Berlin, neither did the returns label state it was going to Berlin, instead the label was addressed to somewhere in St Bury… If I had knew this in the first place I wouldn’t ever had considered ordering anything from them.

Am I able to raise this with my bank to get it addressed since the company aren’t helping? Feel like I’ve been misled here massively with the returns policy since it wasn’t stated anywhere and I can’t exactly afford to wait for over £800 back.

Quite a bit about the returns policy on their website. Did you scroll down to it? R-

That sounds like a dodgy business practice. They were delivered to where they supplied the return address label, that should be the end of the process. Seems like you are not the only one with this problem.

I would call them again and tell them that you fulfilled your part of the contract and threaten a chargeback for the entire amount and see what happens.


I’m usually quite good with this kind of thing but I couldn’t see anything obvious - not even on the FAQ. But if the returns label is for the UK, why would I think I then need to wait for them to be shipped abroad.


Yeah it doesn’t say anything about it going through customs and to Berlin, so you would be led to believe the returns address is the end of the line.

Just come off the phone to them and she has said they can’t do anything until they get the pallet, if the box isn’t on the pallet they can refund it as they can see the Royal Mail tracking - so not really sure why they can’t just do it now since they’ve misled the hell out of me…

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This is the FAQ I was looking at.

Anyway, looks like your problem is resolved as they can see the tracking.

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I had a look on their website and… It’s not super clear or helpful IMO.

I tried to go through the process and they don’t have any terms and conditions around the try at home service from what I could readily access.

What address was the return label for? Has the product reached the address on said label?

First time a charge is mentioned is at checkout -

Their “Try at Home” section says this about ‘return’:

Lacking any other verbiage, “dropping them off at a post office” seems to fulfil that duty.

I would make a complaint based on the items arriving at the location on the return label (if that’s accurate) - and their lack of appropriate forwarding/inbound processing is not your fault.

You could attempt to raise it as a chargeback with Monzo with the same logic (you fulfilled your part of the terms) but I would not have though that would be successful.


Annoyingly I usually take a photo of both the delivery note and the box with the label on before I send anything as POP but on this occasion I didn’t, just my luck

I did take a photo of the delivery slip actually and this is at the bottom, as far as I’m concerned the box is returned - they can’t provide tracking from the UK to Berlin either…

Does the RM tracking say anything useful for address, or the order itself if you try and re-create your return label?

Ah yeah the tracking receipt has the returns as a GB address in Bury St Edmunds

Then the tracking website shows it as delivered, that’s it.

It made it to that address within the 21 days, so as far as I’m concerned that’s what I have signed to contractually, especially since there is no tracking nor no details of it going overseas after.

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Interesting… I would build a complaint around that then. Not sure what consumer rights / “right to cancel” etc is around something taken as a trial, but few things stick out to me…

  1. You’re not presented with any at home try on t’s and c’s until after you’ve paid
  2. You’ve met your obligation of returning - as proven by the label and tracking.
  3. Their lack of appropriate forwarding and management is not your concern.

As far as you are concerned, the return has reached the destintion required (as per the label) and their website says you’re due a refund in 1-3 days.:

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Also if I’m reading your thread right - it’s been 15 days since you posted the items, and 11 days since their receiving site took them.

So how are you supposed to ensure they recieve the product back “within 10 days” if they take 11-14 in transit…

Good luck with it - hope it gets resolved!


Just read through the ones I got when I placed the order, doesn’t state anywhere in there about it being shipped into Europe either.

It does however state that they have the right to charge the amount until they are in receipt of the return… Feel like that’s been put in to stop people like me asking them to reimburse the charge since they’re being sly.

Feel like if people knew this, they 100% wouldn’t use the site, never had this issue with Glasses Direct.


that’s appalling service, you returned it to the address they gave you. Mental not not to use them in future

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