Send Money iMessage App

(Valeri) #22

Apple Pay Dosh :rofl:

(Richard) #23

then i’m all for it! :grinning: Bit cumbersome having to open Monzo to send money to friends and if it works like the example above… even requesting it (although i’m guessing if you’re requesting money, the payee would possibly need to use

(Alex Sherwood) #24

Oh sorry, I thought that, that was an iMessage app that you took a screenshot of. You should be able to send money in iMessage from your Monzo account ideally, assuming the other user is also on Monzo.

(Richard) #25

Sorry should have made myself clearer.

Yes, that’s in imessage, you hit the N26 button and send/request money in messages (I think anyway).

I’m currently trying to find an automated way (without doing a direct debit) to request money from a non monzo user

(Alex Sherwood) #26

Got it, that’s good!

That’d be cool :slight_smile:

(Richard) #27

Interesting, found out a bit more info on “MoneyBeam”