I wonder whether it would be possible for Monzo to be creative within the iMessage app.

The main would be creating a button similar to how Apple Pay in USA works to request / pay people through the iMessage screen as attached picture. I feel this is a convenient way to request / pay people especially if they are not on Monzo and would stop the process of having to go into the app etc. Monzo still perfect for bill splitting but think this could be a good addition?

Second thing, maybe create some cool Monzo stickers that can be used!!

Oh a 3rd thing, is there anything in the pipeline so have Apple Watch type widget showing current amount spent today and overall balance. Something like that.

I would imagine a good way to do this would be to share a link with the app in the same way as however load an instant app on to the users device (I believe these are only supported in android not sure about IOS) which would be better able to interact with software on the device and then use things like Apple Pay and Google pay to make the payment.

On the other hand the way I see things going (especially with the addition of open banking) is lots of banks supporting API’s built into the messaging apps which currently exist.

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