Selling a car taking monzo payment is it safe

I am selling a car for £13k and the buyer is saying that a monzo transfer is safe and cannot be reversed. Is that true?
thanks, jack


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A bank transfer can’t be reversed.

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A ‘Monzo tranfer’ is a bank transfer, it’s a fully regulated bank. No different than if the buyer was using any other bank to transfer you the money.


Safer than cash!


Thanks all!


What car is it?

my old man’s audi q3, doctor told him he can’t drive no more!

Just one thing to be aware of: Monzo’s daily payment limit is £10k, so the buyer will either need to ask Monzo to increase the limit temporarily, or split the payment over two days.

thanks for £10k advice… I realise i have not been specific - I am a monzo user and if was checking if a £13k incoming was reversible - perhaps from another bank eg natwest?

First reply still holds the answer:

Get your phone out. Wait for notification to ping. Check your balance to be sure. Hand over key to buyer.

Once the money is in your Monzo account the buyer cannot recall it.

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