Seen Monzo on ITV there now

(Dean Meehan) #1

Comparing travel cards, they had a large monzo card. Only downside was the waiting times (which are 2 days currently I believe). Some good publicity for everyone!

I :heart:Monzo

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Heard about this show on the radio this morning and thought Monzo may get a mention :raised_hands:


Only a few months ago ML would not acknowledge monzo for some crazy misunderstood reasons and now he’s holding an oversized monzo card on itv! That was a quick turnaround. @iansilversides and various other users spamming him with the truth on social media must have helped! :raised_hand:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I wouldn’t usually do this but it’s less obvious when there’s a new post in the Travelling with Monzo topic - he mentioned Monzo on ITV yesterday too :raised_hands:

(Tommy Long) #5

So where do we get our oversized, novelty hot coral cards?

(connorianreilly) #6

Wow there must be loads of money on that card to make it that big! … mine is sim card size … :joy:

(Eve) #7

Monzo’s trending on the app store!

(Sacha) #8

Monzo is pretty much top of the weekly Moneysavingexpert email sent out to all their subscribers this week. Alongside ‘free KFC’ and £12/month broadband :grinning:

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