See credit card in-app

I just discovered that you can add a credit card from another institution in your Monzo app.

I tried to add my Nationwide credit card, I logged on via open banking but there was no option to select my credit card, only current accounts. I selected them just to see what would happen.

The result is, I now have a new tab in app that says ‘Nationwide’ but just gives an error message and a blank screen when selected. How do I get rid of this? There’s no option for delete!

(Pressing the bin icon at the top of the screen does either nothing, or crashes the app)

If you post in this thread someone might know.

I was able to remove my Barclaycard from Monzo so it is definitely possible.

I haven’t added so I don’t know but is it a case of tapping the … to get a menu to delete?

Yep he’s correct. Tap the ‘open card details’ button and in the top right is the trash can icon. This should delete it :slight_smile:

The delete button want working, it either did nothing or crashed the app.

The card has vanished now so I guess it eventually went through?

Sounds odd but if it has now gone, job done :+1: :grin:

That’s what delete buttons do. :wink:

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