Security of the pre paid card

(TWM) #1

as i understand it all pre payment cards will be updated to be full normal bank accounts, so while I am a big supporter of monzo thing I am not looking forward to Losing the prepaid service as from a security point of view it provides a lot of worst case security benefits, ie only money that has been loaded onto the
card can be spent where as with a normal debit card linked to a full bank account any security breach would give the baddies access to your full bank balance, due to the push notification is hope that I could still act quickly but I’m should it happen when I’m asleep on on a plane or just have my phone switched off for what ever reason I’d be more at risk of losing lots more that if it had just been limited to a pre Payment card that is loaded with 200 …

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

Monzo will definitively become a full bank account, but you’ll be covered for fraudulent withdrawals, just as with any bank account. If you wish to use a pre-pay card, look at


There are others which offer the same card lock/unlock feature you seem to want, though I can’t personally recommend any other service as I don’t use a pre-pay card other than Monzo.

(TWM) #3

i already hsce a revolut card which i gotta say i do like, however i prefer my monzo card, what i was hoping for would be that monzo would be offering a current account card and a pre payment card that would compliment each other beautifully,

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Monzo aren’t keeping the prepaid cards I’m afraid.

But you don’t have to use your Monzo account as your primary bank account if you don’t want to. If you do, then you have lots of protection from fraud already - it’ll be just like going back to the time before Monzo existed :classical_building: or you could use one of the alternative services that Jamie’s mentioned.

(Matt) #5

I’m a little confused somewhat here, you have to keep your money somewhere and you’re right if for example you have £5,000 and you top £200 onto your monzo card and your monzo card gets compromised then you’ve only got £200 you have to worry about disputing.

However you still have £4,800 in another bank account somewhere else so what’s to stop that other account getting compromised?

Monzo still have fraud rules in place like other banks so they are likely to pickup on fraudulent transactions and block your card :slight_smile:

(Sacha) #6

I’m not sure there’s any more chance of fraud with a regular account than a prepaid card.

If you have concerns, you can treat the regular account like the prepaid one, just funding it with small regular amounts and refusing any overdraft facility.

(Marta) #7

@sacha is on the money. And if anything, current account will have a better protection, because FSCS protection (prepaid doesn’t have it). That’s great that Monzo doesn’t force us to pay in the salary or ‘pay at least £100 with card’ or any ridiculous rules just made up to make us suffer. :sweat_smile:

(Keri) #8

I can see where you’re coming from in that you may not have your phone or be asleep etc. However, that would be the same with any other account you have.
Once I get my current account with Monzo I’m going to continue to use it as I do now and top it up weekly so I have a budget to stick to. Once I’ve confident with the account / app I’ll then transfer across. That’s the great thing about Monzo not enforcing a monthly pay in, or direct debits rule like most banks. We can be flexible.

(TWM) #9

I guess what I’m saying is that my bank account with all the money would have no viability to the outside world either in real world or the cyber world, it would simply be a place where my wages get pain into, there after any money I want to spend would be done by transferring it to monzo pre paid, therefore the only visabil of my card would be the monzo link.

I’m just saying that I like that I can hide my other bank accounts behind this card.

(Jolin) #10

You’ll still be able to do this with the current account. The top-up facility will remain, and you don’t have to use any of the current account ‘features’. As others have said :arrow_up:, you can just keep your current bank account for salary to be paid into, and use the :monzo: current account top-up feature and card to interact with the outside world. One benefit you will gain from, is that it will be a ‘proper’ debit card, so some of the acceptance problems with prepaid cards (and the inability to get cashback when paying for goods) will go away. :tada:


Not sure why everyone’s worried about this.

If it’s a full account you can still choose to only top up how much ever you want. No one is going to start forcing you to pay your salaries into it.