Security - More options on types of transactions

For example, with Revolut you are able to enable and disable transactions by method:

  • Chip and Pin
  • Magstripe (already present)
  • Contactless
  • eCommerce
  • Apple Pay

Within this functionality, I’d also like to see the ability to disable the physical card but Apple Pay remain active.


I was just about to create a post about this too when I came across this one.

Can someone from Monzo comment on this and whether it is something on the roadmap? I too would love to see the ability to restrict types of transactions as mentioned above.

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This would be super useful for people who have lost their card, but still have their phone.

I also know a couple of people who really dislike contactless because they think it’s too easy to spend.

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Does freezing your card stop all transactions or just ones using the actual card itself? If it’s the latter then that should cover it.

It stops all transactions including Google/Apple Pay. I think the idea is that this way you could pick and choose which transaction methods were active. For example: if you don’t like using contactless you could disable it or if your card goes missing but you still have your phone you could disable all transaction methods except Apple/Google pay.

Yep I understood that part. Just questioning the freeze card feature as I’ve never used it but now I know, thanks :slight_smile:

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