Option to disable payment modes

So some people may not want to use all the payment modes and it would be helpful if we could disable some of them through the app.
for example, if I didn’t want to use contactless to make payments I’m able to disable that feature and solely use chip and pin or mag strip to pay.


I would find this useful too:



Revolut has this


Contactless was turned off by default, which was a bit of a nuisance when my card got rejected.



Transferwise allow different options to be enabled/disabled, and individual limits adjusted. I’d also like this to be added to Monzo.

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I don’t particularly want it or care about it, but I understand why people would want to have it and can agree if nothing it’s a good marketing position.


it would be mainly for security, so people can’t just use your card by tapping it.
there’s also been cases where contactless cards are scanned whilst in people wallets or pockets.
So imagine this happens on say London Underground, you would have no network and you wouldn’t receive any notification until later, so someone could scan your card and get away without you even realising it.

Now that I think about it, i don’t think I have really withdrawn money from an ATM, or swiped my Monzo card… So I would definitely disable these first. I approve of this idea! :heart:

The ability to enable Mobile Wallet transactions, but disable my card would be the most useful to me.

If I lose my card I can use my phone to pay for stuff until the new one arrives (or until I get back from a trip) safe in the knowledge that no one could pick up my lost/stolen card and successfully use it without going through the really annoying process of unfreezing then refreezing my card before and after each transaction.

There are various technical constraints around this :slight_smile: I wouldn’t want to speculate on how others have done it but it is non-trivial!

One of the key issues is that, in order to improve merchant acceptance, our cards can work offline eg. on a bus or at a toll booth. The only way we can interact with the card is by instructing issuer scripts to run when we respond to an online authorisation (sometimes this doesn’t even work because the terminal strips the data!) but you couldn’t just sit there toggling the contactless interface on and off in your app and the card would magically update :frowning:

There are ways around this, potentially, and I’m told that there are some interesting modes of operation (for instance the card can physically “burn out” the contactless aerial to prevent it ever being used for those who prefer a contact only card, I understand) but it is quite a lot of work to make it watertight and ensure customers don’t get caught out! :+1:


This sounds well James Bond. I love it.


Is this also the case when you freeze your card?

There is a full discussion about all of this here:

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