Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure

which one? the one about fans on the community suporting all Monzo features released and planned but pouring cold water on other ideas? or the one about the thread where comments about competitors were unconstructive and negative in such a way as to lower the tone of the community?

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This has not been my experience of this forum at all. As Jamie said, I’d be interested to see some data on this, maybe you could compile a list of suggestions/feedback which were across the board opposed or supported (by these mythical “fanboys”), instead of resulting in a discussion with differing views. I’ve seen a lot of people (myself included) disagree with Monzo’s decision on specific features or design decisions. The value of this forum is that there is robust debate and we can hear from a variety of views.

And with regards specifically to the issue of fingerprint/PIN protection for opening the app, I found the initial discussion interesting, and it improved my understanding of why some people might want it (and I believe I said so at the time). Monzo have also made it clear that fingerprint protection is coming to the Android app. It seems you’re upset that this feature wasn’t top priority and implemented immediately. It might matter a lot to you, but that doesn’t make it the top priority, and if it’s such a problem you can always use other banks. Constantly complaining about it doesn’t add to the discussion or understanding, and it won’t make the feature appear any sooner.


I am not constantly complaining about it. I have not created any new threads on the topic only added my support when other users have commented about it. Just because you don’t want me to support the idea of a PIN protected app does not remove my right to support such a feature demand by others.

Monzo clearly know my oppinion on that subject and about discussions with the ICO. I have a meeting planned with Monzo staff on this issue and see no further need for me to raise the PIN issue in this forum. Any action by the ICO is also on hold pending feedback from the meeting.

You complained to the ICO about the lack of a feature we know is coming? Seems like a waste of lots of people’s time.

It would be more helpful, when other users comment on it, to point them to the fact that this feature is planned, instead of commenting as if it’s been rejected because the fanboy brigade didn’t like it.

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My complaint about the lack of protection of personal and financial data in an app is my right and was a last resort after months of failure of Monzo to incorporate any PIN or password protection. The fact they now taking action to include a fingerprint lock is a positive gesture despite the issues that not all devices have fingertip readers and some people can’t use such technology due to medical impairments.

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indeed others have commented on the nature and feel of this community such as Throwingspoon:

Here’s just the latest example where you complained about PIN protection, even though it wasn’t relevant to the thread and no other users had commented on it:

There’s also no indication there that you realise Monzo are going to add the feature. This is not the only time it’s happened. I’m just trying to point out that it doesn’t help the discussion and this forum is best when we’re all adding different viewpoints and evolving the discussion.

They have said they are adding fingerprint protection…nothing about PIN or password

I’m more interested in seeing examples of it, rather than other people making this accusation.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. It sometimes does, and I have defended people in that position in the past. But it is very, very few discussions where someone gets jumped on.

Fair enough, it’s just what I’m used to with all the banks I’ve used- I have a token which I have to input OTP/ password+OTP/ pin + OTP sent to phone. I’d rather safeguard transactions I’m making, like you’d expect to key in your card details and CSV each time you make an order rather than keying it in once and being able to pay every time without any sort of protection.

As has been discussed, there are security implications around PIN and password recovery. I’m not saying it’s the right or wrong decision, but it’s not an arbitrary one, and it’s not necessarily final. If there’s more that can be added to the discussion around app security then that’s great. But dropping in a gripe about it at every opportunity doesn’t help that discussion.

agree when users add their viewpoint. However in far too many cases users don’t just add their viewpoint but also stamp in other views.

recently a new user posted in this community and rather than give them some leeway for posting a thread similar to seen before multiple users weighed in to critisise them for reopening a topic, not browsing with the search function (though they may not have used Discourse before), posting a string of half a dozen previous examples to really rub it in. Not one said welcome to the community, here is a new user guide you can do, etc. They probably made them feel so unwelcome they will not come back, and the thread would not look good to others. In the end I had to flag it for attention.

If people stick to their opinions rather than row with others, and make allowances that some of us may not be so technically minded or may have mental health issues or visual impairment and hence can not always be expected to be on a par with many of you more regular users, the community could be more forgiving and a warmer more welcoming experience


If they have found this community somehow and can use Google search I think it’s right to point out that search before posting. When a new user join they should read community guides why should others have to point out.
There are going to 100s more joining community in future I don’t think welcoming everyone and making them feel at home will work.

It’d be interesting to know if there were any telemetry stats on how many users enabled Touch ID security for opening the app. The community requested it, but how many use it?

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Maybe there could be a Monzo stats page…?

@naji :wink:

When a new user joins it is NOT obvious where any community guide or rules are.

While it may be right to point out the search function this can be done in a friendly welcoming way but it recently seems to be told to new users in a tone of annoyance and irritation.

There was some annoyance and irritation when we started getting 4/5 new threads on “can I keep my prepaid card?” - then we created an FAQ and linked to it.

I’m not sure there is any particular annoyance? Generally what happens is someone will post “Maybe you should take a look at this: {{link}}” and it will get merged by a mod.


that was one of the examples I thought of. Agree referal to existing threads is best way (with referal to Mods to merge threads as best they do it before the new thread gets too long)

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Bring back @AlexS


he was like a Time Lord and merging a thread as the user hit the enter key